The JMG Collections

Include more than 10,000 original artifacts, which document the material evidence of 2,300 years of Jewish history and culture in Greece.


Yula Katalan (left) with Annika Levy (sisters) in Purim costumes, Chalkis.

Three persons dressed for Purim.

Five children in Purim costumes, Corfu.

David Leontsini in Purim costume, Corfu.

Raphael Ferro (8 yrs old) in Purim costume, Corfu.

Group wearing Purim costumes, Volos.

Young girl in Purim costume.

Telis Nachman in traditional costume for Purim.

Eftyhia and Tzekos in traditional costumes for Purim.

Purim Hamam.

Esdras Esdra as King, Purim.

Alex. Zah. Duanajaun during Purim.

Serena Mizrahi during Purim.

Serena Mizrahi during Purim.

Prayer book for Purim with the Esther Scroll, with cantillation.

Hebrew Bible, the Five Scrolls, for holidays of Pessah, Shavuot, Sukkot, Tisha be'Av and Purim, with Haftarot, vol. 6.

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