The JMG Collections

Include more than 10,000 original artifacts, which document the material evidence of 2,300 years of Jewish history and culture in Greece.

Tunisian coin of 10 centimes.
Coin of 5 Drachmas from Patras Community.
Coin of 5 Drachmas from Patras Community.
Hoard of coins, weights for clothing and coins used as such.
Hoard of ottoman coins, used as pendants.
Ottoman coin of 20 kurus. Base metal or silver
French royal coin. Obverse: Inscription ''SIT NOMEN DOMINI BENEDICTVM''.
Serbian coin of 20 para.
Palestinian coin of 5 Mils.
Palestinian coin of 10 Mils.
Greek and german coins, used as jewellery components for brooches or pins.
South-African coin of 1d (1 penny).
Coin of 2 Lepta, Crete.
Coin of 5 Drachmas, "Greek Democracy".
Coin of 10 Drachmas, "Greek Democracy".
Coin of 20 Drachmas, "Greek Democracy".
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