The JMG Collections

Include more than 10,000 original artifacts, which document the material evidence of 2,300 years of Jewish history and culture in Greece.

Contemporary Art Collection
Dual oil painting on canvas, handmade paper and metal with frame. On the left canvas, dark background with barbed wire and a war medal on it. On the right canvas, light background, with a white flying figure holding a branch and breaking through the barbed wire.
Wood, polystyrene, plastic spoons, pencil and diary.
Dual oil painting on canvas, mastich polish and glued object. On the left, dark blue background with a barb wire and a german war medal with a swastiga hanging by it. On the right, light background, cut barb wires and -propably- a pegion with open wings, holding a branch.
Oil painting on canvas, mastich polish and glued object. Seven prisoners in a war camp. Barbed wire in front of them in gray font and, above them in blue font, a pegion with a branch in its mouth.
Carving of three figures. Landscape depicting mountains and war camps with barbed wire. Carving on linoleum.
Portrait of a Rabbi. Colored pastel on paper, with frame.
Pencil sketch on paper. Portrait of Tibor Remenar.
Painting of a city's buildings and its road network. Pastel/acryllic, pencils on paper.
Oil painting on canvas depicting a young woman, lying probably on a sunbed.
Painting with various colors that form an X. Acryllic colors/paper, liner.
Painting depicting a figure of unknown shape. Acryllic colors/paper, liner.
Portrait of Giulio Kaimi. Black ink on paper.
Painting on canvas and mixed materials, depicting a gray window with bars. Through the window, barbed wire and a fence can be seen.
Wooden box representing a grave of four figures. Dirt, cloth, wood, pulp, leather, metal and glass.
Three canvases, each depicting facial characteristics combined with various shapes. Acryllic colors and oil on canvas.
Pastel painting on paper. Man benting.
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