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Title: Tombstone

Date: c. 4-6th C.E

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Source: The Jewish Museum of Greece

Rights: The Jewish Museum of Greece

Publisher: The Jewish Museum of Greece

Subject: Architectural Elements, Jewish Inscriptions, Tombstones, Jewish Cemeteries of Greece

Description: Copy of a capital fragment showing three Menorot, a seven-branched candelabrum, with a depiction of a Lulav, a palm branch, and an Etrog, a citron, two of the Four Species. This belonged to one of the Synagogues of Corinth. The copy was made through the assistance and permission of Prof. Charles Williams of the American School of Archeology at Athens. The originals can be found in the Archaeological Museum of Corinth.

DataProvider: The Jewish Museum of Greece

Type: Image

Provider: Judaica Europeana, Greece

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