The JMG Collections

Include more than 10,000 original artifacts, which document the material evidence of 2,300 years of Jewish history and culture in Greece.

Domestic Artifacts
Silver spoon, on handle "Nord Deutscher Lloyd Bremen".
Silver spoon with anthemion on handle.
Silver spoon with engraphed "AT" on handle.
Silver spoon with chased decoration on handle.
Silver spoon, no decoration.
Silver spoon with letter "B"on the handle.
Silver spoon with letters "AD" on the handle.
Silver spoon.
Silver spoons with letters "MB" at the back of the handle.
Silver spoon with eagle decoration.
Silver spoon with floral decoration.
Metal alarm clock.
Metal cake fork and knife with paste horn handle, trademark "Solingen".
Apple-shaped silver container with cover and leaf-shaped stand.
White crochet, in the name of Hanoula Ilia.
Cast silver utensil, bases with flower motif.
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