The JMG Collections

Include more than 10,000 original artifacts, which document the material evidence of 2,300 years of Jewish history and culture in Greece.

Morals and customs of the Jews before the destruction of the Second Temple (70 C.E.).
French novel.
Work on moral improvement.
Novellae and responsa on the Talmud.
Collections of rabbinic teachings on spiritual and physical health care.
Biography of Hasidic rabbis of Eastern Europe (1695-1876) and the history of the Frankists.
Prayer book for the weekdays and Shabbat, according to Sephardic custom.
Romantic adventure film by Thomas Bentley adapted from the English novel "The Pickwick Papers", script translated into French by E.-L. Michel, vol. 2.
Work on the origins of the Greek shadow play.
Vocalized Hebrew Book of Psalms with Latin translation.
Prayer book for the holiday of Rosh ha-Shanah with kabbalistic prayers, according to Sephardic custom.
Daily prayer book for women according to Ashkenazi custom, with Yiddish prayers "Rav Peninim".
Pentateuch with Targum Onkelos, Haftarot and prayers for Shabbat, and Rashi's commentary, translated into English by Rev. M. Rosenbaum and Dr. A.M. Silbermann, Book of Genesis.
Promotional booklet in Greek for the reconstruction of Eretz Israel, by the National Fund for Reconstruction.
Hebrew Book of Psalms.
Prayer book for holiday of Sukkot, according to Sephardic custom, vol. 4, with English translation by Rev. D.A. de Sola.
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