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Embroidered Textile

Title: Embroidered Textile

Date: [Late 19th century] [Create]

Creator: Dr. Abraham Elias de Castro

Format: H35,5; W40 cm; silk; felt; cardboard; metal

Source: The Jewish Museum of Greece

Rights: The Jewish Museum of Greece

Subject: Textile, embroidery, Bible, Jewish motifs, Jewish Community of Ioannina

Description: White silk satin with gold embroidery and applique work, depicting Aron, the High Priest, with priestly garments and incence holder, in front of the open Tabernacle, inscribed with 'Thus shall Aaron come into the Holy Place' (Lev. 16,3).

DataProvider: The Jewish Museum of Greece

Provenance: Ioannina

Type: image

Provider: Judaica Europeana, Greece