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Cushion Cover

Title: Cushion Cover

Date: [End of the 19th or first half of the 20th century] [Create]

Creator: N/A

Format: H45; W60 cm

Source: The Jewish Museum of Greece

Rights: The Jewish Museum of Greece

Subject: Textile, domestic textile, embroidery, Jewish holidays, Simhat Torah, ritual artifact, Brit Milah, circumcision, Jewish Community of Ioannina

Description: Dark violet velvet with gold embroidery in couching technique, spiraled threads, sequins and applique with initials 'I.S.', used for the Brit Milah ceremony or for the honorary seat of the Hatan Torah (Bridegroom of the Torah).

DataProvider: The Jewish Museum of Greece

Provenance: Ioannina (?)

Type: image

Provider: Judaica Europeana, Greece